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Special Occasions

AnneClaire also draws Mandalas for special occasions like a birth, a wedding, or any important special occasion we may experience in our lives.

She draws these Mandalas based on the date of birth and the name of the person or persons the Mandala is meant to depict. The process of drawing a Mandala is an intuitive, even meditative process in which each color and every shape has its own meaning, and depicts an aspect of the ‘Universum’ of that person.

After AnneClaire has finished the drawing, she reads the Mandala. Often core characteristics of the person or the marriage will surface. For instance, when a person is very creative, this will be shown in the Mandala. What is not visible is how this creativity will be used as that is the free will choice of that person.
The reading of the Mandala is recorded, and will be added as a MP3 file.

AnneClaire also creates Mandalas for meetings, events, or even as a logo for companies. Each Mandala has a specific energy which represents the energy of the meeting, the event, or the mission of the company.

The cost of a Mandala for a Special Occasion, including shipping and handling, is €150.00
Name, date, occasion...

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